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Owning a business can be rewarding. Perhaps you have invested your time, money, and other assets into building a business. When a marriage is terminated, one aspect of the property division is to value the business. A business is valued at much more than the tangible assets the business has on hand. Roberta S. Roberts works closely with forensic accounts and CPAs to determine the value of a business, even when the other party is diligently trying not to disclose business assets. A true and accurate valuation of a business cannot be achieved without full financial disclosure. This ensures a spouse is receiving an equitable portion if the business is a marital business. Alternatively, if you are the spouse that is retaining the business, it is necessary to ensure the true nature of the business is not disrupted in the divorce process.

Generally, the valuation of a business requires a qualified expert such as a CPA. The mythology used by the expert varies according to the availability of comparable sales; specific industrial standards for valuation; history of the business; risks involved in the particular business; and other factors. The court has the discretion to decide which expert (if each party has their own expert) is more credible and thus, their own particular business valuation will be adopted by the court and made a part of the court’s decision.

Furthermore, Roberta Roberts has experience “ferreting out” actual income from a business, thus resulting in a greater amount of spousal support exchange. Oftentimes income is underreported in an effort to reduce child support or spousal support. Roberta Roberts is knowledgeable in how to find that information.


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